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The world is changing fast. No news there. But it is interesting to try and stay ahead of key trends that will affect how we live, how we do business and how, as marketers, we can continue to reach our audiences in relevant ways.

There is a greater awareness of our impact on the environment, our food choices, how we interact with technology from mobile devices to QR codes and from apps to the cloud. There will be increasing demand for 24/7 connectivity, including air travel and Internet-enabled vehicles of all kinds (Toyota’s Entune System, Ford’s SYNC), and screens, lots of flat-touch and voice-activated screens. There are also other rumored technologies like Apple HDTV that would disrupt the entire broadcast category.

The so-called lost generation of youth is becoming more resourceful, creating their own opportunities since normal ladders of advancement have been scarce. On the flip side, aging boomers are planning on reinventing themselves for a longer, more positive retirement.

Of all the hundreds of trends popularized by research firms and market watchers, there is one constant for the savvy marketer to keep in mind: keep it real, authentic and clear. Avoid gimmicks and fancy marketing speak. Offer services that matter and address what your customers really want and need.

With cost and efficiency measured at every turn, superfluous services will be cut. Customers demand easily accessible, accurate content and visibility. Feedback is real-time and a powerful influence on the marketplace. Make sure you are in a position to take advantage of those trends that will affect your business. Above all, be genuine and stay relevant.

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