Rebuilding Zebra Technologies' brand story

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After 15 years in other positions at Zebra, I’ve stepped into my new role as VP-global marketing during a really exciting time for the company and the brand. 

Zebra Technologies, like many U.S.-based multinational companies, strives to leverage the power of our brand as we expand our business globally. At the same time, our business is expanding into new directions and markets where we haven’t been before. So, as we create a truly unified global marketing organization, I and the global marketing team are focused on refreshing Zebra’s brand story and tightening the alignment of our numerous vertical go-to-market initiatives across our many geographies.

This activity includes refinement of our three strategic platforms that are really the building blocks of the Zebra story.  The first is our strategic brand platform, which encompasses brand positioning, values, personality attributes, corporate and vertical market messages. Of course, the messaging is a complex undertaking, given the numerous vertical markets we target, our global channel structure, and the fact that our offerings are often part of a bigger solution. 

The brand platform is supported by our corporate strategy platform, which is of course of particular interest to investors and analysts, and our executive speaking platform, which we’re updating to provide thought leadership in new areas where our products and solutions are emerging. These two platforms really enable leadership to articulate the company’s vision.

Together, these carefully integrated platforms will drive our brand messaging globally, which is an important first step in shifting our marketing approach from a North America-centric model to a more regionally represented model. At the same time, the team collaboration that’s driving the development of these platforms is helping to create a more global and engaged marketing culture–an important goal of mine.

As we near the launch, it will be exciting to see how the collective thinking of our global marketing team becomes a stronger voice of the company.

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