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New York-based Reprise Media on Monday announced it has launched FeedCast, a search engine marketing tool for which it is also seeking a patent.

FeedCast will enable publishers to build search programs around dynamic content, thereby reducing a search marketing campaign’s time to market.

“Search represents a tremendous marketing opportunity but one that can be highly challenging for content providers,” said Joshua Stylman, managing partner at Reprise, in a statement. “With this new product, we can help companies market more effectively based on current events and today’s news,” he said.

Peter Hershberg, managing partner at Reprise, said the idea was sparked the company’s experience working with clients in the publishing industry. “We’re attempting to address a very specific pain point for the publishing industry,” Hershberg said. Its current publishing clients include Advance Publications, Readers Digest Association and Gemstar-TV Guide International Inc.’s TV Guide Publishing Group.

The new product works in conjunction with RSS and XML-based feeds. The feeds are automatically run through Feedcast to dynamically extract keywords, turn them into search engine marketing campaigns and manage bidding. “What gets spit out is a template that conforms to the parameters of each individual search engine,” Hershberg said.

Publishers buying keywords around dynamic content in the past have had to do so manually. Hershberg said they typically wait for editorial people to develop and submit articles and then have the marketing people create individual search campaigns, a process that can take days. Feedcast, which automates the process, has a shorter turnaround time. “These campaigns can go live within hours,” Hershberg said. The company said TV Guide recently used Feedcast strategically. “TV Guide was doing something specifically around the Emmys,” he said.

“The content of our magazine, Web site and ad campaigns are driven by the buzz of the entertainment industry, and in the television industry, nothing creates more buzz than the Emmys,” said Dave Bovenschulte, VP-general manager at TV Guide, in a statement. “Feedcast allows us to promote our breaking Emmy content automatically and within hours. As a result, our search campaigns are far more current than any of our competition.”

The search keywords in these campaigns are not very competitive, so the prices tend to be significantly lower. “Our clients are buying them at the five- or 10-cent minimums,” Hershberg said. “The ROI our clients are seeing on these ad units is high because they’re purchasing the traffic at such discounted rates.” That is because publishers can buy the terms more quickly, as the news is breaking. By the time competitors bid on those keywords and drive up the bidding, a few days may have passed and the publisher has been buying them at a much lower rate during that time.

“We’re attempting to address a very specific pain point for the publishing industry,”  Hershberg said.

The next step is to identify pain points across a wide variety of verticals and come up with custom solutions for each, Hershberg said, noting, “Each vertical has its own set of challenges.

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