Revivio uses integrated e-mail campaign to boost lead generation

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Revivio Inc. provides continuous data protection (CDP) and backup to businesses of all sizes. Three years ago, when the Lexington, Mass.-based company first started selling its products, its marketing program was all about education, explaining what CDP is and why companies need it. Today, however, the company is shifting gears. Education is still a priority, but the company is now more focused on lead generation.

The company recently launched a six-week campaign with a message that stresses how CDP helps businesses lower storage costs by up to 50% and increases data recovery time, said Diane Clay, Revivio VP-marketing. The campaign consisted of three e-mail messages, a phone call and a piece of direct mail that went out to about 1,000 IT directors, storage managers and infrastructure managers in key regions including the Northeast and Southeast. The list, Clay said, was a combination of an internal database and a purchased list.

Each personalized component, she said, carried the same theme—Revivio saves customers money—along with an offer for a free personal stereo for recipients who participated in a sales call with the company.

“It said, ‘Your storage budget is too high. Talking to Revivio can reduce it.’ ” Clay said. “The second e-mail message played off that message, and got into more detail about the things we can do for customers.”

After the second e-mail, Revivio contacted prospects by phone and postal mail. The final e-mail reiterated the fact that the company wasn’t going away, and that it really wanted to help prospects with their storage problems, Clay said. The combination worked: The campaign had a 60% response rate. Although prospects were contacted in one of three ways, Clay said, the real winner ended up being the e-mail portion of the campaign.

“Most of the responses we received came from e-mail. We spoke to prospects and they said they liked [the e-mails] because they were short, concise and punchy,” she said.

They also responded because they were already familiar with the Revivio brand, Clay said, citing the company’s previous branding and education advertising efforts, which included banner ads on, Gartner Inc. webcasts, pay-per-click advertising and a monthly newsletter.

“We were validated. All those campaigns laid the groundwork to say, ‘Yes, they are a real company.’ ”

Even more important, those prospects were looking for information—not just a free personal stereo. “Most of the people we spoke to said they couldn’t accept the stereo because of their corporate policies, but they still wanted to talk,” she said. “It was like, ‘What do you mean that you can save me money?’ ”

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