Health Care Wants You: Rock Health Debuts Recruitment Campaign

Ads Target Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs for Health-care Industry

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Rock Health, which provides funding for health-care technology start-ups, rolled out a new campaign to recruit tech-savvy entrepreneurs into the health-care field.

The integrated campaign, created by BBDO San Francisco, uses emotional appeal to connect with digital entrepreneurs.

"Our goal is to get more entrepreneurs, especially tech-oriented entrepreneurs, thinking about opportunities in health care," said Halle Tecco, managing director of Rock Health.

The campaign, unveiled at the Health Innovation Summit in San Francisco Aug. 21, will move on to other health-care events and will be promoted online through social media and banner ads.

Rock Health has funded companies including Aptible, which provides a secure platform for HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance over mobile and web applications; Benchling, a cloud-based data-management company for life sciences R&D; and Doctor on Demand, a video-conferencing service that helps doctors consult with patients online.

"Health care is a huge industry with a lot of challenges, and it has been largely ignored by tech-savvy entrepreneurs in the past," said Ms. Tecco, pointing to challenges including a highly regulated environment and a fragmented marketplace.

"People are not going into the health-care market in droves as they are in social media, photo sharing and other digital industries," said Matt Herrmann, director of strategy at BBDO San Francisco.

"So we tried to appeal to their emotional side -- digital health is an emotionally satisfying way to spend your talents and energies."

In the ads, Rock Health uses iconic images from popular social media and digital companies -- including the pink mustache from ride-sharing company Lyft and the "like" symbol from Facebook -- without directly naming these companies.

Copy for an ad with the pink mustache reads, "Thanks for helping us find a lift with the touch of a button. Now can you help lift people out of depression?"

An ad with the "like" symbol says, "Thanks for helping us connect with old friends. Now can you help people with diabetes connect with life-saving care?"

Another showing the Google search bar reads, "Thanks for helping us find the answers to everything. Now can you help us find the cure for leukemia?"

"We see health care as possibly the most important problem of our generation," Mr. Herrmann said. "It's ready for the same kind of upheaval as Uber or Lyft. The benefits aren't just financial, but actually making people's lives dramatically better."

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