Russell debuts thought-leadership campaign

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Russell Investments, which provides investment products such as mutual funds and retirement plans to institutional and individual investors, rolled out a thought-leadership campaign last month.

The campaign, “Conversation Yields Innovation,” was developed by Doremus New York, and launched during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. It includes print and online, and is designed to show that in order to improve the financial industry, companies need to listen to their clients and innovate with their needs in mind.

“‘Conversation Yields Innovation' is fundamentally a global thought-leadership branding campaign,” said Susan Brown, managing director of Russell Investments. “We know our clients expect insightful research and thinking from Russell Investments, but this new effort is about catalyzing a bold and honest conversation in the industry, beyond our client base, about the most pressing challenges investors and fiduciaries are facing.” Russell chose the World Economic Forum, whose theme was “Improve the State of the World. Rethink. Redesign. Rebuild,” in order to “surgically target” global influencers, Brown said.

The campaign makes heavy use of thought-leadership content, such as a daily blog from the World Economic Forum by Russell Investments CEO Andrew Doman; op-ed style print ads in the <I>Financial Times, The Economist</I> and <I>The Wall Street Journal;</I> and an online video about successful investment strategies by Russell Investments CIO Erik Ristuben.

The print ad leads with a quote from Doman: “Innovation without purpose is an empty exercise.” It drives readers to a microsite at, where they can take polls, watch videos, read blogs and join the conversation about improving the financial industry.

“This puts Russell at the center of the dialogue,” said Allison Womack, managing director of Doremus New York. “The whole idea around the theme ‘Conversation Yields Innovation' is to facilitate a discussion that will encourage renovation and repair of the financial industry.”

Russell will launch a second phase of the campaign in the next few months using trade channels aimed at financial professionals and institutional investors.

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