Everybody's Talking About Twitter

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Have you noticed in the past month that, suddenly, everyone is talking about Twitter? According to Nielsen figures, Twitter broke 7 million monthly unique visitors in February. Google News reported on March 13 that 40,820 news stories citing the microblog start-up had been published within 60 minutes. An hour after that announcement, blog reporter Nicholas Carlson of Web site Business Insider put this latest pop culture phenomenon of online social communities into perspective. Using a combination of nonscientific metrics (circulation, ratings, units and tickets sold, unique visitors, etc.), Carlson composed a list of “100 Things More Popular Than Twitter.” MySpace, Facebook and Bebo dominated the top three. Other honorable mentions include: pizza (No. 6), dogs (No. 14), Apple's iPod (No. 26), C.S.I. (No. 37), Barack Obama (No. 42), online newspapers (No. 61) and “Born in the USA”-Bruce Springsteen (No. 87). Items less gossip-worthy than Twitter: Microsoft Zune and pet rocks. The complete list can be found at
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