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Agency: Doremus
Name of campaign: “Sage: Extended Enterprise Suite”
Launch date: March 2009
Creative credits: Creative directors: Michael Litchfield, Joseph McCormack; assistant creative directors: Sukh Brar, Don Smith; art director: Craig Ness; copywriter: Don Smith; interactive development: Nigel Sussman; video production: Elastic Creative
Why we liked it: We believe, when it comes down to it, the best advertising is simply telling a good, memorable story. Borrowing from “The Office,” this video, which was created by Doremus for Sage Extended Enterprise Suite software, tells the Odyssey-like tale of George, a CEO who is just trying to get to the other side of the office to fill his coffee cup. Along the way he encounters his COO, sales chief, CFO and IT director. Each of these executives wants answers from George: The COO wants to cut costs; the sales chief wants better visibility in the pipeline; the CFO wants a single data platform; and the IT director wants to know how to meet all these other needs without hiring staff. George's attitude is summed up by his advice: “More outside the box ... even farther outside the box.” He also tells his IT director, “I see a cape in your future, and because you know what time it is? It's hero time.” By mousing over the video at appropriate times, viewers can see more details on Sage's offering, which is intended to address each executive's problem via a single solution. Oh, and the video has a happy ending, at least for George, who does get that coffee.
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