Sant uses series of e-mails to bolster its lead-scoring House of Magnets' tests showed best time to e-mail

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“We'd go to trade shows, host webinars or do some other marketing program, and give those leads to sales. But we found that they'd most likely hit the floor because sales only follows up with leads that are likely to turn into opportunities. Starting last year, we began to warm up those leads with a lead-scoring system based on a series of e-mails. If someone opens a message, they get points. If they click through to the Web site, they get more points. If they visit certain pages, view multiple pages, fill out a form for a demonstration, download a white paper, visit our site frequently ... each is worth so many points; and we don't turn them over to sales until they exhibit the right behavior totals. Feedback from sales has improved substantially with our follow-up campaigns. Those leads are no longer hitting the floor.” —BRIAN D. VASS, VP-marketing, Sant Corp. “We're a 15-year-old business providing magnetic products to businesses like real estate and insurance professionals. Our product-based e-mails are more of a reminder that football or baseball season is beginning and to be sure to order our magnet calendars with a favorite team's schedule on them. A big question for us was: What time of day is best to send out the e-mails? We did several tests of different times, but, since most of our customers are real estate agents and are just coming back from lunch at 1 p.m., we found that is the time they're looking at their e-mail. We tried early and late, but that 1 p.m. time—rolling across the nation, depending on time zone—is a consistent winner for us.” —MIKE ATKINSON, Internet director, House of Magnets
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