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Agency: Ogilvy New York
Name of campaign: “SAP—Clear New World”
Launch date: May 2009
Creative credits: Group creative directors: Bruce Henderson, Witold Riedel, Josh Tavlin, Chris Curry; art directors: Grace Sakong, Mark Davis; copywriters: Lisa Charlebois, Stephen Winston; project manager: Jan Thompson; program manager: Bonny Ramires
Why we liked it: While IBM went for comedy in its “Mr. Fong” microsite, SAP is dead serious in its “Clear New World” microsite. The difference likely has to something to do with the audience: software developers in IBM's case, and senior executives dealing with the fallout from the recession and how the Internet and social media are transforming the way their companies communicate with customers. In producing its site, SAP and its agency, Ogilvy New York (proving its versatility), reach the same level of excellence as IBM. The visual on the site is a strong image of window washers against a glass building that clearly reflects the world around it. The site then offers an explanation of exactly what SAP means by “clarity”: “Just as people can think with great clarity, so can busi- nesses. It's time to build greater visibility, transparency and accountability into the way your organization works.” The point, of course, is that SAP software helps create clarity in businesses. The microsite offers many ways to read about this clarity: There are videos and white papers and, best of all, case studies from big-name companies—such as Dow Corning, Sotheby's and Siemens—that have relied on SAP to generate improved capabilities in helping businesses, for instance, “bridge the gap between back-end systems and plant operations.” One last thing we liked about the Web site is the number of ways visitors can get in touch with SAP: toll-free number, chat, e-mail and even request a call.
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