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Question: How can urgency and lead score be determined by recipients' inbox actions? Answer: How prospective buyers interact with your content after it has been downloaded is as important as the initial download. As b-to-b marketers, we must determine where our most relevant interactions take place. What were the steps that led the prospect to download the content? What was the time frame in which the content was consumed? How did the prospect re-engage online after the content was consumed? First, track website movements to identify your buyer personas. Knowing who you are addressing is the first step toward developing effective conversations. Next, consider the time frame of content interaction. High-level content must be instantly gratifying. No forms or barriers, just simple clicks to download. Next, place more valuable content behind forms. Think of baiting a fishing hook. Give buyers content that enables them to do their jobs better, then test for commitment with a well-placed form. Content behind forms should be distributed through a follow-up e-mail with links to download the request. Last, determine whether prospects re-engage online after viewing content. How long after receiving the e-mail do they revisit the site? A shorter amount of time indicates greater interest. If you send a nurturing e-mail on ROI metrics and the prospect appears on your site reading the pricing page a minute later, dependant on lead score, alert the sales rep. Justin Gray is CEO and founder of LeadMD (, a marketing services firm focused on organic lead generation and the successful deployment of marketing automation. Originally published Aug. 5, 2010
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