New search engine, Cuil, needs work

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While the gaelic definition of "Cuil" may be knowledge, it seems an expansive new search engine with the same name has some tinkering left before fully living up to its moniker. On July 28, the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company exploring innovative search developments debuted with a 120 billion Web page index with content-based relevance methods, three times the size of any other search engine. The company is led by husband-and-wife team of Tom Costello, once a search engineer at Stanford University and IBM, and Anna Patterson, a former architect of Google's search index and Web page ranking team leader. "We've built a more efficient yet richer search engine from the ground up," Patterson said. But bloggers Philipp Lenssen ("The World According to Cuil") and Barry Schwartz ("How Cuil Is the SEO Industry?") beg to differ. In their July 30 articles, they illustrated that Cuil is still in the pubescent stages of advanced algorithm image matching. When Schwartz researched his own listing within the search engine, results revealed the image of a psychologist under the same name. This writer also searched her name within Cuil to find the image of Tanya Meyer, M.D.—an assistant professor of otorhinolaryngology—head and neck surgery. Another individual's search rendered an image of a can of Spam. —Tanya Meyer
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