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Daptiv Solutions strives for SEO and social media matchup

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“Our major focus in the U.S. is information security consulting and information management. Due to its nature, the data recovery business is incident-driven. Nobody budgets or plans for data loss. So when an incident occurs, people need to search for a provider that can help. Thus, both paid and organic search are major parts of our marketing. We also are looking at keyword performance in different countries and cultures. For example, the term "data loss' may be more powerful in one country than "data recovery.' As far as social media is concerned, we have a tight integration with Facebook and Twitter, both of which play into search. As a result, we want to make the user experience great. We are lucky enough that our customers appreciate our service—our service is paid for when lost data is delivered to the customer—and thus we enjoy high customer satisfaction, which helps with our brand reputation, tweets and Facebook mentions.”
—Stefan Schnettler,
global marketing director, Kroll Ontrack

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