The secret of Toshiba's success


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On the morning of the show, the team invited the media into their booth where they revealed the system for the first time. “The first thing we did at the trade show was hold a press conference in the booth. It was those initial stories that went online that day that drove traffic to the booth.” Ultimately, the surprise product release was a huge success. Because the technology was significantly more advanced then expected—and because the company was able to draw so many people from the industry to its events despite any real explanation of what they would be seeing—it was able to generate a significant amount of buzz for the new product. “We generated more than a couple hundred leads,” Wolfe said, “almost 500 potential prospects worldwide. And the system sells for more than $2 million. [The introduction worked because] when we went to market with the system, we were ready to go to market. A lot of times technology is introduced and not available [until] a couple of years down the road. The excitement was just spectacular, and it is probably the highlight of our careers in terms of what you can do in marketing.” M
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