Segmenting phone list boosts Customer Effective


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Phone conversations conducted by a trained, dedicated teleservices staff are important, Rogers said, because inevitably questions arise, such as: Have you migrated a company from Salesforce to Microsoft? “It's important to be able to take on a conversation about some of the challenges about legacy CRM systems,” he said.

Customer Effective and PointClear revise their database every Tuesday, Rogers said, continually disqualifying names while adding others gleaned from lookalikes, webinar attendees and other sources.

Of his segmented lists, Rogers said, he “revisits, and revisits and revisits them by reviewing our results weekly.”

Rogers is pleased with his results so far. Of the strong lead opportunities gained by the company, 23% were generated after a PointClear phone call or e-mail. Leads totaled about 80, with many converting.

Overall, revenue and leads increased “significantly,” Rogers said.

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