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Cygnus Business Media in early May introduced the Cygnus Transportation Group, encompassing Fleet Maintenance, Professional Distributor, Professional Tool & Equipment News and Larry Greenberger, previously group publisher of the Vehicle Repair Group, has been named group publisher of the trans-portation group. He spoke to Media Business about the new portfolio. Media Business: What is your initial sales and marketing strategy for the new group? Larry Greenberger: There's a lot of synergy between the titles. What we need to do, from a primary level, is really take the old premise of bringing buyers and sellers together, then to define the audience across the entire transportation group, relate that to the sellers and then tie that to our editorial mission. MB: What kind of cross-marketing opportunities do you have planned for the new group? Greenberger: If you think about our categories—fleet maintenance, mass transit and ground support—you have very broad categories that allow us to address industry practices editorially. It could be something as simple as tires or heavy-duty component parts. It will be focused on industry segments and best practices across the board. MB: Do you have any new products in the pipeline? Greenberger: Our websites relaunched last September and, with that, we launched a mobile site and have a strategy in place. Cygnus has also made a tremendous investment in video, so we have a video strategy as well. —M.S.
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