Send email marketing messages around payday, study concludes

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London—E-mail marketers are not sending campaigns at the best time of the month to optimize their financial return, according to new research by e-mail marketing company Alchemy Worx. The company's analysis showed the best weeks of the calendar month for generating sales are the last week and first week, in that order. Alchemy's analysis indicates these weeks are more effective because of payroll patterns. In the United Kingdom, the vast majority of salaried employees get paid either on the first day of the month or the five working days prior to the end of the month. "It seems obvious when you think about it; most salaried people get paid monthly and, as any shopkeeper or bartender will tell you, the best time to try to get someone to part with their money is on or just after payday," Dela Quist, CEO of Alchemy Worx, said in a statement.
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