Services/tech: Bill Gossman, President-CEO, Revenue Science, New York

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Bill Gossman, president-CEO of behavioral targeting company Revenue Science, likens the Internet to a desert with only a few oases where things can grow.

His company helps advertisers find fertile spots by building targeted audience segments through search- and rules-based behavioral targeting.

"Behavioral targeting is the right tool to provide context in the desert and move offline dollars online," said Gossman, whose background in engineering and software prepared him well for this job.

In the past year, Revenue Science has signed more than 20 online publishers, including, Newsweek Interactive, Financial Times and, in addition to expanding business with existing clients such as The Wall Street Journal Online. "Our whole effort in life is to find and move dollars online," Gossman said.

Revenue Science works with online publishers, trade groups—including the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Online Publishers Association—media buyers and advertisers to find out what’s holding back online ad spending. "There were many requests on the buy side to create standardization for audience-level certification," Gossman said.

Responding to these requests, Revenue Science in October formed a partnership with Nielsen//NetRatings to launch an Audience Quality Certification program.

Revenue Science provides Nielsen//NetRatings with audience composition metrics by segment. The metrics help advertisers evaluate the quality of the audience they want to reach before making a buy.

"Advertisers are having a more difficult time reaching people due to audience fragmentation," Gossman said. "Through the Nielsen//NetRatings partnership, we are able to bring these audience composition metrics to advertisers to help them understand the audience."

Earlier this year, Revenue Science launched an Audience Search Network, which helps advertisers increase reach and frequency by targeting aggregated audience segments on publishers’ sites and across the Revenue Science network.

"What we do requires solving a large-scale technology problem," Gossman said. "We have to manage all the data and make it searchable in real time. We have to follow not just words, but understand clickstream behavior and do it on an individual basis."

Gossman, however, is energized by the challenge. "This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time," he said.


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