How to shake hands, sell your ideas and shop

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Pretty sure that relationship you have been cultivating for the last six months is going to pay off with a big sale? Are you confident that you're going to blow them away in your next job interview by rattling off statistics about the company, its competitors and the marketplace? Wrong on both accounts, at least according to the new e-learning Web site, which says your next sale, job or connection could be won or lost with a simple shake of the hand. Jerry Hocutt, sales trainer, and founder of, said in a release that in the business world you could be dead in the water if your handshake is a "dead fish," or limp and clammy. If you're wondering why you didn't get invited back for that second interview, it could be, well, your sleight of hand. If you have a dead fish waiting to be gutted, remember how people read it, Hocutt said. Replace it with a good, firm, web-to-web handshake with the edges of the hands parallel to the ground. To break the ice with a prospective employer or buyer, Hocutt says to greet him or her with a palm-up handshake. "Since you initiated the handshake, you've still got the upper hand," Hocutt said. This handshake creates instant trust and makes [the person] feel more comfortable. But because you started it, you're still in control."
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