SIDEBAR: How to control content issues

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Here are a few ways to get your companywide site content problems under control:

  • Catch speed demons. Create a calendar with Web production cycles to educate corporate managers about the time it takes to reformat copy for the Web.

  • Create mind share. Convince managers to consider the Web when developing traditional content. Show them it will result in more timely and accurate posting of their material.

  • Delegate content. Shift content creation to its rightful owners -- human resources, investor relations, technical support, product marketing and communications departments.

  • Deploy cookie cutters. Arm these departments with user-friendly templates and style guides to post that content to a staging server, where it can be viewed, edited and routed to approvers. These authoring tools can be bought off the shelf or created by your Web developer.

  • Shop for work flow and version control software. If you're a large, distributed company, these solutions help manage and track content via an intranet across global enterprises.
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