Sidebar: To optimize or not to optimize?

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Apple has sold more than 5.4 million iPhones to date. According to Justin Talerico, CEO of ion interactive, these individuals are extremely attractive marketing prospects: young, affluent, early adopters. But are they your customers?

To find out, Talerico recommends marketers check their Web metrics for a count on the number of iPhone and/or iPod Touch users that are currently coming to them. “This is based on the user agent string that identifies the Web browser,” said Talerico. “Matching strings will contain ‘iPhone’ or ‘iPod.’ ”

He said it is also helpful for companies to evaluate that number as a month-over-month percentage to find out how it’s trending.

From there, determining the upside of iPhone-optimized Web content is basic math. Simply calculate the potential optimization return on investment by taking the cost of optimization against the potential increase in return over the lifetime of the optimized pages, assuming optimization brings a company’s iPhone conversion rate up to its non-iPhone average.

It’s also helpful to bear in mind that not all Web pages need to be optimized. “Marketing-driven pages—where simplicity and speed dictate engagement and conversion—are excellent candidates,” Talerico said.

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