SIDEBAR: Three tips for globalizing your site

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Looking to globalize your site? You'll face numerous hurdles abroad, says Jim Kessler, who is director of electronic commerce at AMP.

Here are the three he considers critical to an effective international strategy:

1. Product localization. Is your product marketed differently in each country? Do you have a trademarked name that's predominant in Europe but not in the U.S.? If so, you'll want to localize your site to reflect those differences for each country.

2. Product pricing. Do you have different pricing structures for your products worldwide? If you market the same product line globally, consider consolidating to a single price, then adding on the local shipping fees, taxes and tariffs. This will make it easier to move goods via the Internet.

3. Encryption. Forget about super-secure commerce when doing business overseas. Most countries only support 56-bit rather than 128-bit key lengths for electronic commerce, due to U.S. government restrictions regarding the export of strong encryption software. Although Mr. Kessler is "confident the U.S. will untie our hands to conduct safe commerce on the Net," he also contends that the lower encryption levels are "still pretty tight."

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