SIDEBAR: What works for professional sites

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  • Show, don't tell. Demonstrate your expertise, rather than brag about it, with free products, services and information.

  • Quick response. Respect the immediacy of the Web and respond to questions within 24 hours.

  • Easy does it. Prominently display e-mail boxes and other interactive buttons so your site's only a click away from new business opportunities.

  • Spam's a no-no. If you send electronic direct mail, distribute it only to people who have indicated they want to be contacted.

  • Target. First figure out who your target market is, then develop content around your audience.

  • Keep it simple. Let the consumer sites use all the latest bells and whistles. Make your site easy to use for a busy professional.

  • Get off the reservation. Frequent appropriate newsgroups and let other professionals know what you're about so they can refer business to you. Do all the traditional off-Web marketing.
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