SiriusDecisions: Demand Waterfall gets an overhaul

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Scottsdale, Ariz.—Marketing consultancy SiriusDecisions Inc. has rolled out a major revision of its Demand Waterfall marketing effectiveness model with a new focus on sales-sourced leads and teleprospecting. The new model was introduced here Tuesday at the company's annual sales and marketing summit. “The Demand Waterfall was created to address demand-related pain that is acutely felt in most b-to-b organizations,” said Tony Jaros, senior VP-research at SiriusDecisions. “But the original didn't account for demand that was sourced outside of marketing. It obscured the role of teleprospecting, and it wasn't specific about the role of inbound marketing. “We think it's time to take an old friend and bring it to the next level,” he said. The original SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall provides a statistical analysis of lead qualification as prospects move through the sales funnel, from initial inquiries and on to marketing-qualified leads, sales-accepted-and-qualified leads and finally closed business. Analyzing the percentages of leads passed to each subsequent stage measured against industry best practices has formed the basis of SiriusDecisions' consultancy practice since 2006. The new model adds recognition of other influences on demand, including leads qualified by marketing automation programs; leads that are qualified or generated by the teleprospecting function; and leads that are generated by sales itself. “You have to measure leads by their source, and how they're performing in the waterfall, to build a Demand Balance Index, or BDI,” said Jay Gaines, the company's group director-demand, citing a new marketing benchmark also introduced yesterday by SiriusDecisions. “This reflects a more complete view of the journey demand takes from inquiry to close and the different points at which it originates.” Also announced yesterday were winners of SiriusDecisions' Return on Integration Awards for achievement in sales and marketing alignment. Adobe Systems was recognized for creating a blueprint of the sales funnel that matches media and content with appropriate lead stages. Citrix Systems was recognized for a complex approach to lead scoring that resulted last year in strong sales-qualified lead scores. Attendance at SiriusDecisions' 2012 summit, running through tomorrow, is 1,105, up 38% from last year. After seven years in Scottsdale, the annual event will move to San Diego next year.
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