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At CA (formerly Computer Associates), marketing and sales have worked together to come up with common lead definitions and reliable lead transfer from marketing to sales. Through implementing common processes and standards, up to 90% of marketing-qualified leads have turned into sales-qualified leads, Friedman said. In another keynote address, Heather Loisel, VP-global marketing operations at SAP, discussed the importance of marketing operations in driving integration between marketing and sales. Loisel shared strategies for effective marketing dashboard development, including measurements that are derived from realistic benchmarks and show the contribution of every marketing function. In a session titled “Integration 2010,” SiriusDecisions analysts shared a model for more closely integrating sales and marketing in b-to-b organizations. “There are three b-to-b realities that can't be ignored,” said Tony Jaros, director of consulting services at SiriusDecisions. “No. 1, b-to-b buyers cannot be sold. Buyers control the flow of information. You don't.” The second reality, he said, is that sales must constantly adapt to the needs of buyers. “Traditional sales-cycle thinking is beginning to change,” he said. “The power has shifted to the buyer.” Finally, “Marketing is over-focused on the top of the waterfall,” Worley said, noting that the average b-to-b marketer spends about 90% of its marketing budget on creating demand for products and services at the top of the sales cycle. “The traditional role of marketing as demand generation is valuable, but there is a real opportunity to impact the knowledge requirements of sales and have greater impact deeper in the sales cycle,” said Joe Galvin, service director at Sirius-Decisions. “As prospects move further along in the buying process, the depth of knowledge they need grows greater.” M
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