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On Site Gas Systems designs and manufactures oxygen- and nitrogen-generation systems. The systems enable manufacturers in a number of vertical markets to produce their own oxygen or nitrogen, which can provide cost savings over purchasing gas and paying to transport it. The company historically marketed its products via traditional trade publications, direct mail and trade shows, as well as by cold-calling prospects. At the beginning of 2009, however, On Site shifted its approach and began focusing its marketing efforts online, said David Martino, president of marketing agency Martino & Binzer, Farmington, Conn., which worked with the company to create and implement a new, Web-based strategy. “They were reliant on trade media, and [their campaigns] were mostly done in-house,” Martino said. “What they were after was a better, more effective way to use the dollars that they had. Their spend of about $150,000 a year was not getting them much.” On Site set out to increase demand for its products in the U.S., identify new markets and applications, penetrate growing and emerging global markets, establish itself as a cutting-edge technology company and increase the number of leads it generated while decreasing cost-per-lead, Martino said. “When you have those kinds of objectives, it can get really expensive,” he added, “so the question is how do you achieve those objectives and do it in a way that isn't going to break the budget?” For On Site, the answer to that question included implementing a website redesign, new lead- and content-management systems, and search engine marketing campaigns. The company has maintained its annual marketing spend, Martino said, but most of that is now funneled online. Lead management was an important part of the program, Martino said, because the agency was able to determine that the majority of On Site's Web visitors view only two pages—a landing page specific to their industry and then a request-for-quote page. “The request for quote would then get stored in this lead-management system online,” said Fran Palma, Martino & Binzer's VP-digital strategies. “Later on, we could take these thousands of leads and query them so we understand what types of applications are being requested and if those applications are high-value in terms of margin; and then manipulate the campaign on-the-fly to leverage the best quality leads.” Search marketing efforts included country-specific pay-per-click campaigns as well as an aggressive organic program, Palma said. “They're listed high on their primary keywords, beating out most of the Fortune 500 companies that they compete with,” he said. “What that does is it allows them to not have to allocate money to those expensive keywords, because on average those keywords can be $6 a click. They're getting those in an organic listing versus having to pay for them.” The agency also implemented call-tracking technology that determines which search campaigns generated a lead—down to the keyword phrase. “That kind of validation has been missing from b-to-b manufacturing marketing for years,” Martino said. Since January 2009, when On Site shifted its strategy, the company's website has had more than 550,000 visitors. Its campaigns have generated approximately 5,560 online leads and 3,000 phone leads. Pay-per-click marketing yielded more than 2,700 leads, with an average cost-per-lead of $34.80. SEO efforts yielded more than 5,900 leads. Plus, 78% of all leads are direct sales requests, Martino said. M
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