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Cyber Switching's products help enterprises, data centers, production environments and development test labs distribute power to their many servers, routers, networks and switches. However, although the power distribution and management company helped enable control for others, it didn't have any—control, that is—over its own Web resources.

Until November 2009, Cyber Switching's website design and backend were managed by a freelance webmaster. This limited the company's ability to make changes to its site and keep it current, said Chris Bulaon, marketing manager for Cyber Switching.

“When I was brought on board in November, the original look of the website was very outdated,” he said. “It had not been redesigned for quite some time, and we wanted to update the look to reflect the growing company.”

On the website, it was difficult to figure out exactly what the company did, Bulaon said, and navigation was confusing. In addition, there was no link to the company's online, interactive demo area. Salespeople could point customers and prospects to the specific demo URL, but there was no link from the home page or anyplace else on the site.

Almost immediately after being hired, Bulaon asked the internal Web manager to work in conjunction with the external Web designer to give the site a complete facelift. He also asked them to create a new backend that could be accessed and changed internally rather than leaving it in the hands of the designer. “We needed a way to make changes when we wanted to,” Bulaon said. “Previously anything that needed fixing had to go through the contractor; and, if he made a mistake, it could take an hour to get it fixed. That had to change.”

Finally, Bulaon added Google Analytics to the mix so he could track the success of the various marketing and advertising campaigns he was planning to put into place.

The new front-end design debuted in January 2009, with the new backend coming on line in August. Today, navigation is straightforward and clear, with links to products, technical resources and the demo network, as well as very visible links to upcoming events, inventory sales specials and a place to sign up for the company's newsletter. Nothing is hidden, Bulaon said, so customers can find exactly what they are looking for right from the homepage.

There have been many changes due to the redesign, he said. For one thing, the company is seeing “double-digit growth” in traffic to its event booths, Bulaon said. “We had an "Upcoming Events' section on the old site, but it wasn't updated frequently,” he said. “Now people can come to the site and find out where we will be next.”

Bulaon said the number of support calls coming into the call center is also down. “There are two ways to get into technical support from the website, and we're frequently updating content based on questions coming into the call center,” he said. “If we think that someone else might have a similar question we're posting it immediately.” Additionally, he said, call center operators are sending people to the website for additional information. “We feel more confident driving people to our site to get educated,” he said. “When previously it was tough because it might frustrate someone, now we know they can find what they are looking for quickly.”

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