'Skewed' question downplays role of print

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I work for Penton Media's Machine Design, which you've generously included as the only industrial/engineering magazine in your [BtoB Media Power 50] report for the past two or three years. Thank you.

I feel compelled to respond to a few things in your article ("The Science of Generating Leads," October, page 6):

The question Global Spec posed ("How do you find components and suppliers?") was skewed to show huge results for the Internet. If they had posed the question "How do you find information and get educated," engineers would most likely answer: Trade magazine ads and articles.

Print is step 1: Knowledge.

Online is step 2: Finding.

Print informs and lets engineers know what they need or could use to do their jobs better. Unless we know that something can help us, how are we going to know to search for it?

Integrated marketing means including print. I wish articles like yours would mention the value of print more often, instead of always focusing on the next new thing.

Print is still the premier place for building a brand and engaging with a targeted audience.

What would the world be without some of our favorite magazines? Very sad indeed.

Liz Stott

Marketing and media partner, Penton Media

Machine Design and Motion System Design magazines

[email protected]

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