Slicing, dicing and leveraging 'Forbes'

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Nina La France VP-consumer marketing, Forbes Media Nina La France is VP-consumer marketing with Forbes Media, in charge of managing Forbes' subscriber list. MB: What's Forbes' chief selling proposition for its lists? La France: It's all about efficiency, effectiveness and maximizing what you can do with good targeting. Do you need to do millions of pieces of mail or can you cut that mail in half, say, and be able to market smarter? I think people should be able to go to my list rental files and be able to market smarter with them. MB: How are you spreading the word? La France: To get the best revenue stream out of our list rental, we work closely with our list management company, American List Council. We set out with ALC to push our own tests, but also to test revenues from marketers who wouldn't think to mail Forbes' list first because we tend to be known as a business or investing list. As a result, we've been pushing into new areas like consumer catalogs. MG: It sounds like you work quite closely with your list manager? La France: You'll never maximize your revenue if you view it as a commodity instead of an asset that can be leveraged. On both sides of the relationship, we try to come up with new ways to generate interest and revenue. We frequently consider what-ifs, and even learn about other things ALC is working on [that] might spawn a new opportunity for us. MB: What trends are you seeing? La France: Knowing the customer better, to marketing smarter, to craft an approach that produces results. We've all played around the edges of this, with selects of different lists or managing two tiers. But I'm talking about really smarter marketing, not looking at a list per se but rather the customers' relationships with a brand as a starting point, and really speaking to them in terms that move them. M
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