Looking for small-business owners? Try advertising on social networks


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“Let's not be afraid of [new media],” Howard said. “We need to be open to taking some risks with the media plan. We need to make sure we have digital experimentation budgets set aside to take advantage of new media when they come out.” In a series of panels, small-business owners discussed the most effective ways that marketers can reach them. “I do 90% of my stuff at night, away from the office,” said Cathy McBride, president of M-Truss & Components, a manufacturer of steel trusses and frames. “The easier you make it for me to access your information on the Internet, the easier it will be for you to be able to get into my office.” Brannon Allison, president of event organizer SourceOne Events, said the most important thing for marketers is to understand his business. “It is important to understand the cyclical nature of what we do and understand our business as a small business and how it differs from a larger one,” he said. M
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