Smaller size gives company flexibility

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Equal Opportunity Publications publishes seven career-guidance recruitment magazines, including CAREERS & the disABLED and Hispanic Career World. Jim Schneider has been working at the company for 26 years. He serves primarily as editor of the publications and had the role of production director added to his duties five years ago. Media Business: How did the transition to editor/ production director come about? Schneider: We discovered that since most of the advertisements are now sent as PDF files and we do not have to worry about author alterations or other changes, the role of the production manager changed to the point of limited responsibility for us. MB: What are the advantages of being a small publisher in such a tough time? Schneider: We can control our printing schedule. The largest press run we have is 18,000, and we have a controlled circulation. We adhere to our production schedule but can be flexible for late advertisers. MB: What are you working on now? Schneider: We are now continuing to work with the printer to reduce the mailing costs of our magazines through co-mailing procedures. The cost of our postage is now more than the cost of the production of the magazines. We are also working with the printer to see if producing the magazines online is viable. MB: What's the biggest challenge for you right now? Schneider: The biggest challenge is keeping up with the new technology. We rely on our printer to inform and update us on any changes. It's a constant challenge to ensure that we match our staff with the needs of the printer. At this point, we have found a good combination. —Mark J. Miller Jim Schneider Editor/ production director
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