BtoB increases its search commitment


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Organic search terms are fed into the paid search category, and the best-performing paid search terms are brought onto the Web site. At the same time, landing pages are both customized and optimized, Hoffman said. On the paid side, because the company is facing increased competition, which drives keyword costs up, Hoffman's team must constantly watch and adjust its buys. “We've got Microsoft bidding on our clicks. We try and be the ad in the top spot, but we're really looking at whether it's worth paying a premium,” he said. “You can be in position No. 1 for 60 cents per click and, the next month, it costs 90 cents per click. If you can't make [the ROI] at that cost, you really need to accept it.” The various strategies are working. SmartDraw gets more than 10,000 free downloads per day from its site, and more than half of them come from search, a number that is “up significantly” over the past two years. The company has seen click-through rates rise by 20% to 30%, while conversion rates have doubled. M
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