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“At the end of the day, there were 1,024 different combinations tested,” Colacurcio said. The extensive testing revealed that the analyst quote won “hands down.” “Which shocked me—I was betting on the customer,” Colacurcio said. used the detailed test results to refine the 40 landing pages. Conversion rates rocketed even higher, to between 10% and 12% on average across those five tested sites. “We got over twice the number of conversions on the same budget,” Colacurcio said. Based on that success, rolled out those refinements to the landing pages. Across all 40, the average conversion rate was 7% to 10%. “Ideally, the thing to do is to test every single page, but if you can't do that and you simply take the learning from the limited tests, you will still see great results,” Colacurcio said. “We saw the best results on the pages we tested specifically, but we were able to get a good ROI by expanding that to the rest of the pages.” M
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