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Even as the world of social marketing matures, a number of new tools continue to attract attention. In previous editions of Social Media Marketer (here, here and here), I profiled several apps that may be worth your attention. Here are some more intriguing options:
  • BrightEdge. As social media becomes mainstream (becomes? became!), it's inevitable that channel optimization will converge. Thus, we have BrightEdge, the search engine optimization company that has optimized itself for social media. Recently the company launched BrightEdge S3, which provides suggestions on how to enable tweets and Facebook “likes” that have an influence on search rankings. How does it accomplish this magic? The platform checks out the buzz from both social networks and search engines while analyzing what prospects are searching for. The service provides recommendations to help companies properly adopt Facebook's extended open-graph tags and better leverage customer engagement; helps measure, manage and take action on tweets and Facebook “likes,” which directly impact search rankings; and provides recommendations to help companies' Facebook pages rank higher in search.
  • Unilyzer. Channels aren't the only thing converging. Now that you're up and active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr and who knows what else, you're quickly realizing that you have to track the effectiveness of everything as well—which tweets are going viral, what posts to Facebook are being read and shared, and on and on. Enter the aptly named Unilyzer, which unifies your social outreach management with colorful charts for quick reference. It's a little like Google Analytics for a variety of social media sites, with its ability to compare social sites side by side, check out visitor numbers, etc. A very decent review is at Bill Hartzer's blog site, which goes into greater detail.
  • Vibrant Social Bar. Trying to secure “likes” and followers online has quickly become the norm among businesses looking to boost traffic to their social media properties. Vibrant Media is betting that Vibrant Social Bar can serve this need. Released in June, the product is designed to help business publishers push more relevant social media content on their websites, such as feeds from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It also allows publishers to customize links and search capabilities within the bar to include prepopulated keywords and sponsorships. The tool bar appears a split second after the page load, so it calls attention to this social sharing functionality, according to Brian White, VP-publisher solutions at Vibrant. “Our b-to-b focus is currently mostly in the tech and finance sectors,” White said. “The Social Bar is a way for Vibrant to work with these more niche b-to-b sites and provide them a valuable new ad placement to sell.”
  • Zuberance. In keeping with coinages that are similar to what they do, brand-advocacy solution Zuberance (“exuberant”... get it?) identifies and reaches out to “brand advocates” to help drive positive word-of-mouth, and (one hopes) leads and sales. Zuberance identifies those people willing to recommend brands to their social networks. It then provides tools to these people to recommend a brand on Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube and other sites. It enables the posting of positive reviews and ratings, testimonials and answers to questions, along with a slew of reports about the total number and types of social recommendations and the resulting clicks and reach (impressions).
Got an interesting, useful or otherwise very cool social media marketing tool you feel is worth more exposure? Send it along to me, and I'll try to mention it in a future issue of Social Media Marketer.
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