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My inbox continues to fill up with new tools and unique wrinkles that address marketers' needs to manage their social marketing campaigns. In earlier issues of Social Media Marketer, I've profiled several intriguing apps. Here are more that may be worth your attention:
  • My mPACT. Yes, Klout lets you know how lousy your influence is compared with Lady Gaga's. But a raw influence score doesn't tell you much. Look instead for expertise on a b-to-b topic, which My mPACT helps uncover. My mPACT is a free version of mBLAST's mPACT software; and, while presumably stripped down, it does allow you to type in keywords and phrases to see a laundry list of those considered influential on that topic, as well as your own level of influence. It could be a first, inexpensive step in assembling all-important influencer targets for topics, brands or expertise.
  • Facebook has been “disliked” recently over its privacy hacks, spam and malware posted on users' walls and news feeds, junk that can seriously ruin a company's Facebook presence and fans' experiences. In response, two University of California, Riverside, graduate students and a company run by an alumnus of the school have partnered to develop a free Facebook application that detects these bad things and provides real-time protection from viruses, phishing and spam on Facebook.
  • Developed in conjunction with, a Web protection service, MyPageKeeper continuously scans wall posts, news feeds and links. As soon as malware, spam or other undesirable material is detected, MyPageKeeper notifies the user, who then can remove the malicious content from his profile. The app is free and available at
  • NutshellMail. This application is one of those no-brainers that handles social media the way most people work: that is, via email. (Natch. NutshellMail is owned by large email company Constant Contact.) Every day, on your schedule, NutshellMail delivers a roundup of “likes,” posts, comments and insights from Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter to your email inbox, all in one dashboard.
  • Twitter new followers, quitters, search results and tweets are updated daily, along with basic Twitter stats and recent posts. And you can manage your Facebook pages directly within NutshellMail, including your profile, photos, wall posts and news feeds. The neatest thing about NutshellMail is that you can manage these social sites, including making posts, without leaving your email inbox.
  • TweetRoost. The new (this spring) TweetRoost tracks and saves tweets, mentions and messages for future reference, all organized into threaded conversations like email instead of time-based posts.
  • The multiuser application is feature-rich (email tweets, organize tweets and messages by categories, “mute” noisy people who tweet too much, etc.) along with the usual “broadcasting” and monitoring capabilities, scheduled or not. In addition, it offers the ability to annotate archived posts for follow-up tasks and assignments into and other service tools. TweetRoost also enables you to save tweet drafts for review and approval before they are published.
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