Social Media Marketing Awards 2010: Viral Video

Cisco Systems

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Program: Cisco Borderless Networks Videos
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Agency:Ogilvy RedWorks, New York
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To support the introduction of its next-generation network architecture, Cisco Systems used three viral online videos to drive traffic to a virtual launch event. To demonstrate the possibilities represented by Cisco's new routing, switching and security, the videos—produced by Ogilvy RedWorks, New York—playfully and engagingly depict futuristic scenarios enabled by the Web. In one video, “The Future of Healthcare,” doctors in a variety of remote locations are logged in to view a CT scan of a young boy's innards. They finally agree on the model of car he's swallowed: It's a Jaguar. In another video, “The Future of Education,” a teacher is revealed to be an astronaut conducting his class from space. Even from miles above the classroom, he can still spot a student about to toss a paper airplane. And in “The Future of Shopping,” a woman moves clothes back and forth on a virtual rack in a boutique as she makes her selection. This video was viewed more than 1.5 million times, according to Cisco. To find answers to the question posed by the videos—“What could your business do with borderless networks?”—users were directed to the virtual launch, which attracted about 6,000 visitors.
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