Softproofing, DAM priorities at Bobit

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Kelly Bracken, production director for Bobit Business Media, oversees work on 22 publications. She's been with the company for more than six years and was previously senior graphics manager for United States Sales Corp., a direct mail company.

MB: What have you been up to production-wise at Bobit Business Media?

Bracken: We're working with our press to do soft proofing. We've pretty much eliminated blue lines from the schedule for all of our magazines. [With] several magazines, we don't even bother with the soft proofing. Once we ship it, we're done. Acquiring a new digital asset management (DAM) system is one of the main things I'm looking at. I'm taking the time to fully research it. It's a lot of homework. You have to know all the different work flows in your company inside and out, and how they can all dovetail together. Every department is involved and has to break their work flows down. Some people don't completely know what they're getting from the system, so it's really a matter of knowing how to ask people what they do every day and getting down into the full nitty-gritty of what everyone does to make things easier for everyone in the long run.

MB: How do you deal with vendors?

Bracken: You really have to nail down your work flow before you invite a vendor in, and then, when you invite them in, you say, "Here's our problem. How would you solve it?" As opposed to being sold a product, you really need to interview vendors to fit your needs and really find the best ways to deal with your problems.

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