Software allows marketers to create their own online shows


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According to Papkoff, “We provide a foundation around a software platform that has a back-end software management system that allows people to upload content into their booths or partner booths at any time.” The basic software comes with more then 400 different booth variations built in—meaning customers can adjust booths to their own needs right down to color choice. With that comes a lead-generation tool that allows virtual visitors to “swipe” their digital badge at each booth and request vendors to contact them later. Based on research from its previous virtual events, Design Reactor has also included what it calls a “Virtual Event Bag.” In previous events, Papkoff said, “what we were noticing is that when attendees wanted to learn about a product, they would download a white paper or product paper. The way the net works is that they would click on one download and move on. [Per visitor], we were getting only 5% to 10% to actually download items ... as soon as people download, they actually get nervous about where they put it. This deters them from downloading a lot of items.” The Virtual Event Bag, however, lets attendees download papers from one central location. They can select information by company or partner name and the program downloads all the files at once into a zip folder. After introducing the Virtual Event Bag, Papkoff said, downloading went from 5% per visitor to 50%. “Methodologies around tracking and optimization are the seed that feeds how we come up with new features,” Papkoff said. And because the software allows event marketers to track the movement of every attendee, from which booths they visit to other attendees they speak with, it allows the marketer to track and optimize their event as well. Other features include live chat, moderated forums that allow attendees to ask questions of presenters and a feature that the company calls “Deep Linking”—a marketing tool that allows vendors to create Web links to bring outside Web surfers directly to their booths, bypassing the front door of the event completely. M
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