Sophos ups security with lead scoring


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Traditionally the company analyzed prospect activity and divided potential customers into two major buckets—hotter leads, for sales and channel-partner follow-up, and cooler ones, passed along to a teleprospecting team for further qualification. Also in the past, Schlansky said, sales was not able to adequately identify and group all the various activities a prospect might engage in that could boost a score. For example, a single prospect might on separate occasions download a white paper, attend a webinar or request a demo; however, Sophos viewed those as three separate so-so leads instead of a single, strongly interested prospect. Now, the new sales and marketing automation tools are able to consolidate all of an individual's behaviors across time, which provides a more accurate picture of true interest. Sophos is also working to segment this process more finely, with leads based on distinct types of prospect activity (some activities are more indicative of interest than others) and further move prospects in a more nurturing way, perhaps by suggesting a white paper or a webinar related to an earlier request. “We don't yet have concrete metrics but, with these improvements, we're already able to do the intelligent, multitouch marketing that we had hoped for,” Schlansky said. “We're at the beginning of major improvements now, and we're excited about the possibilities.”
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