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You might call Inc. the anti-CNET or the contra-ZDNet. While those horizontal portals try to be everything to all information technology people, TechTarget takes the opposite approach: It slices the IT universe into 23 narrow markets and hosts a Web site for each, with content ranging from Linux platforms to middleware applications to storage technologies.

"CNET and ZDNet treat IT professionals all the same," said CEO Greg Strakosch. "We're similar to VerticalNet in slicing up the markets, but [VerticalNet has] no affinity for those markets."

Since its launch, TechTarget has sought to build affinity for its carefully selected niches by first aggregating stories and information from other sites; more recently it has begun generating its own content. The portal is now producing "as much original content as InformationWeek or Computerworld per week," said Paul Gillin, VP-editorial.
Phone:(888) 274-4111
Traffic:1.35 million (registered users)
Ad revenues:$7 million
Ad rates:$100-$250 CPM banners and e-mail newsletters
For precisely these reasons, TechTarget has been an attractive buy for IT marketers wanting to reach a very specific, prequalified audience."Because of the sites' targeted content, advertisers can be assured that their messages are reaching only those who are intimately interested in, say, Solaris or Domino," Strakosch said.

The portal provides advertisers numerous opportunities to reach its registered users, including simple banner ads, e-mail newsletters, keywords, and event sponsorships. "If you look at it from a CPM model, we charge some of the highest rates in the IT industry [$100-$250 CPM]," Strakosch said. "However, our advertisers don't really care about CPM; they're willing to pay more to reach our audience."

John Clavin, exec VP-marketing for StorageNetworks Inc., said that before TechTarget, it was extremely difficult to get the targeting needed from media. "Now Tech-Target is our No. 1 or 2 provider of qualified leads," he said.

Since December 1999, TechTarget has grown from three sites to 25; from 75 advertisers to 500; from 40,000 registered users to 1.35 million; and from six editors to 72. The site also claims 100 e-newsletters, sending out a whopping 15 million e-mails per month.

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