Special Report: Case study on Micro Motion Inc.

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It seems unlikely that so much excitement could be generated from the launch of a flowmeter—a product used to measure liquids in the manufacturing process—but that's just what has happened since Micro Motion Inc. launched its R-Series product in 1999. And no wonder, the R-Series achieved 570% of its 18-month sales goal in just 12 months.

The goal of the integrated campaign also served to reposition the company from a high-end, niche manufacturer into one offering a broad range of products.

"We had to blast out of the gate, create a lot of awareness, and make people believe Micro Motion could come out with a low-cost flowmeter," said Kathy Bee, manager of global marketing communications. The R-Series flow-meter was priced at $2,795, compared with a price range of $7,000 to $50,000 for existing Micro Motion products.

Advertiser: Micro Motion Inc., Boulder, Colo.
Campaign: Launch of R-Series flowmeter
Objective: Generate qualified sales leads and actual sales for launch of new product, new brand positioning
Agency: NKH&W, Kansas City, Mo.
Budget: < $500,000
Media: Print, direct mail, Web site
Results: 1,477% ROI, 570% of 18-month sales goal at 12 months
To promote the launch, the company hired NKH&W, Kansas City, Mo. The agency had less than six weeks prior to the product launch to get the integrated campaign off the ground, Bee said. The marketing budget was less than $500,000.

"Micro Motion had an image as a little stodgy and arrogant," said NKH&W VP Brad Lang. "We wanted to position them as a friendly company and [dispel that stigma] a little bit."

That's precisely what the agency did with the creative. One print ad shows a suggestion box with a lit stick of dynamite on top, attached to a note, "Get a clue—we need Micro Motion for more applications!"

A key direct mail campaign targeted existing and pros-pective customers with a Harley-Da-vidson giveaway. Hot leads were then followed up through telemarketing and given to sales. The direct campaign had a close rate of 20% on leads generated, with a return on investment of 1,477%.

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