Special Report: ORB creates ad network for both marketers and publishers

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ORB’s information is critical to any marketer’s success, said Laura Berland, ORB exec VP. While the traditional ad networks provide basic data on the number of impressions served, plus click-through rates, ORB provides qualitative information, such as the value of customers delivered by a company’s various marketing efforts.

"Marketers need to have direct control because the networks truly represent the sellers of the media," Berland said. "They really aren’t laser-focused on how positive the results are for the marketer. You can’t straddle those two worlds. The interests of the publisher and marketer are diametrically opposed."

It is no small feat to track a campaign, and ORB has spent mightily to build its own ad-serving network that can keep pace with the traditional networks, Pakula said. It typically integrates its reporting software with software systems of the client. That allows marketers to get information on the campaign in real-time.

"The only way a marketer can be sure of their buys is to have a total view of what’s going on," Berland said. "When you make improvements of 1%, 2% or even 5% in response rates, it has a very large impact on the return. In b-to-b, the marketer understands the value of the lead. Advertising networks will show you impressions and click-throughs, but not what happens next. We provide a stream of data that provides the complete picture."

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