Special Report: Tech Tools

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For years, marketers—from salesmen to senior VPs—have borne the stigma of being among the most Luddite employees in the business world. Some have even prided themselves on their ability to avoid any form of technological changes to their jobs.

But the advent and, now, ubiquity of the Web has forced marketing staffs to play catch-up with other, more automated departments. And while some of the savviest marketers have capitalized on the efficiencies and effectiveness of the Internet, many lag far behind.

"Marketers have tended to do things more or less by the seat of their pants," said Harry Watkins, research director with the Aberdeen Group Inc. "Marketing has sort of survived as this last great unautomated frontier," said Joe Meyer, VP-product marketing with Aprimo Inc.

A few technologies have been embraced by marketers and, to varying degrees, successfully implemented by them. We’ve covered these innovations, including interactive Web advertising, e-mail marketing and customer relationship management, extensively in BtoB. In this special report, we examine four relatively new tech tools just starting to be exploited by marketers—content management, marketing resource management, data warehousing and online ad collaboration—showing why they might be the next new thing for marketers and identifying some of the key vendors providing them.

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