The Need for Speed: How to Accelerate Marketing Campaigns with Social Networking

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Everyone's marketing mantra today is social—social media, social networking, social business….what does it really mean? And how do you actually do it?

Here's an example from an SAP team that successfully activated a "connected" social campaign for an online event that increased registrations nearly 9X over the baseline. Seventy five percentĀ  of the results came in the last four days of a heavy social swarm.

The event was a webisode named "Empowering the Modern Marketer". The target audience was the marketing line of business in organizations—from CMOs to marketing analysts—who capitalize on big data insights to serve customers and elevate marketing's role from tactical to strategic.

What ingredients led to this "networked" success?

1. Activate Influencers:

  • Create win-win by leveraging networks of speakers to drive attendance. In this case, one speaker was the well-known @robert_rose, who agreed to promote the event via his multiple social channels.
  • Also speaking was Open Text CMO Kevin Cochrane. As an SAP partner, Open Text was eager to promote this via its social channels.

2. Amplify Wisely

    • Employ hashtags to cast a wide net - #CMO, #contentmarketing, #bigdata.
    • SAP's CMO @jbecher, recognized as a social thought leader, was willing to promote the event via his channels, as were other execs well known in the marketing echo chamber.
    • Two to three blogs were written with the event as the CTA (call to action) and syndicated to blog sites popular among the target audience (sites such as Business2Community, Forbes SAPVoice, Business Innovation)

  • Seventy-five percent of registrations came during a four-day swarm described above.
  • Total event registrations were nine times the baseline event earlier in the year.

What are the three lessons I'd share based on this experience?

  • Choose event participants wisely—evaluate the size of their networks online.
  • Set the expectation that social amplification is part of the obligation of your featured guests. It's a win-win for all.
  • Orchestrate a social campaign that intelligently leverages popular hashtags, blog tags and abstracts that are easily found via search.

Watch a replay of "Empowering the Modern Marketer", the subject of this blog, here.

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