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Online reputation-monitoring vendors

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Company: APCO Worldwide
Description: Digital Vigilance: Monitors Web sites, discussion boards, Web-accessible mailing lists and Usenet for discussion of clients, their products and services.
Cost: About $2,500 monthly
Phone: 202-778-2015

Company: CyberAlert Inc. Product/service: Monitors 5,900 electronic publications, plus Web sites, message boards and Usenet.
Cost: $395 monthly
Phone: 203-375-7200

Company: Cymfony Inc. Product/service: Brand Dashboard: Monitors electronic versions of 6,000 newspapers, magazines, TV news transcripts, as well as Web sites, message boards, Web-accessible mailing lists and Usenet. Uses automated tools to analyze content.
Cost: About $50,000 per year
Phone: 617-630-9114

Company: Cyveillance Inc. Product/service: Brand Commentary and Corporate Security: Monitors Web sites, filesharing services, message boards, Web-accessible mailing lists and Usenet for discussions about companies and their products. Also watches for threats, planned boycotts and demonstrations.
Cost: Typically $50,000 a year; includes consulting
Phone: 888-243-0097

Company: Envisional Ltd. Product/service: Monitors the Internet for intellectual property infringement.
Cost: Starts at about $15,000 a year
Phone: 44 (0) 1223 569700

Company: EWatch, a service of PR Newswire Product/service: Web Pubs monitors news sites; Web Watch watches for changes in specific sites. Other services monitor investor message boards, Usenet, other discussion areas.
Cost: $3,900 per service per year
Phone: 800-482-4220, Option 3

Company: Kessler International Product/service: WebSweep: Monitors the Internet for trademark abuse, counterfeit and gray market product sales.
Cost: $1,000 to $10,000 per search
Phone: 212-286-9100

Company: NameProtect Inc. Product/service: VigilActive: Monitors the Internet for trademark and brand abuse.
Cost: About $5,000 per brand per month
Phone: 800-689-6223

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