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BtoB: Campaigner is oriented to smaller businesses. What e-mail considerations are unique to this segment? Lowe: We encourage small businesses to get started simply. That could be a list of only five customers or prospects to start with. And they can use simple tools, like Excel, to create their goals and even set up simple tracking campaigns to see where they can improve. But the No. 1 consideration is essential to all companies, large or small: Set your goals and objectives. Always know what you want to get from your e-mail campaigns; and plan how to get there. BtoB: What's your advice about subject lines? Lowe: They can be the ticket to whether your e-mail is opened, or not. First, subject lines have to be recognizable to the group you're sending the e-mail to. They might include a company or brand name or a person's name; but you want them to be relevant. And you want them to resonate. Studies say the first two words of a subject line are the most important, so try and pick out the first few words you know will capture your audience. BtoB: What is the future of e-mail integration with social media? Lowe: There is a lot of talk about whether social will overtake e-mail marketing, but I don't believe that. E-mail marketing is a great complement to social media marketing. Social is just another outlet for marketers to reach their customer base, to engage and develop a strong relationship with them. Meanwhile, e-mail can promote the fact that you're on Twitter or Facebook or [be used] to invite recipients to reach out themselves to others through social media outlets. M
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