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As customer experience, Stephanie Acker-Moy oversees Hewlett-Packard Co.'s marketing team in driving traffic to the company's Web site and ensuring that visitors get what they need once they're there. If numbers are any measure, she's succeeding: Traffic to has increased 25% year over year.

The primary challenge in using the Web to drive awareness, consideration and preference for HP's products is that the company competes in a crowded marketplace, Acker-Moy said. To stand out, HP has forged innovative partnerships in addition to using the basic Internet marketing mix of banner ads, search engine marketing and e-mail marketing.

For instance, to reach its enterprise customers, HP created a series of interactive webcasts hosted by CNN that feature CIOs discussing topics of interest to the target audience. "It's been good at differentiating HP, good at differentiating and good at bringing our message to the marketplace in an innovative way," Acker-Moy said.

HP is also experimenting with blogs and podcasts, she said, and has had success using blogs to generate a dialogue with customers in the enterprise space.

Aside from driving traffic, Acker-Moy's team is equally focused on making sure that customers and prospects have a satisfying experience once they arrive at User testing and benchmarking are key to diagnosing and solving any usability issues the site has, Acker-Moy said, as are the customer satisfaction surveys that generate 8,000 comments a month. customizes users' experiences in two ways. On a simple level, any site visitor has the option of personalizing what type of content he or she views—a low-cost, high-return feature that provides a customized experience, Acker-Moy said. For high-dollar accounts, HP offers account-specific portals that feature private content in addition to the information that is available on the public site; this might include anything from ordering or marketing information to specialized content such as an interview with the company's CIO.

Acker-Moy is also a key driver of the company's marketing performance management program, a comprehensive effort to manage marketing as a system by tying together everything from campaign reporting and metrics to modeling, budgeting and customer data management. It also involves linking all this information about marketing processes to the company's sales data.

"We have had a concerted effort over the last year to build out all the various components of this marketing performance management system," Acker-Moy said. "It is a journey; it's not something that you necessarily complete in one year." —M.E. M.

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