Study: E-mail registration errors costly for marketers

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Newton, Mass.—FreshAddress Inc., an e-mail database services provider, last week released its 2008 study assessing top e-tailers’ ability to catch e-mail registration errors. The study, which tested 50 retail Web sites with the same 13 invalid e-mail addresses, found that none of the Web sites tested successfully blocked all common e-mail typos—a failure that can cost companies millions of dollars annually in lost revenues and wasted marketing dollars, according to FreshAddress. Invalid addresses tested included typographical errors, syntax and formatting mistakes, and bogus e-mail addresses. “It’s widely known that e-mail is a highly effective marketing and communication tool,” said Austin Bliss, president of FreshAddress. “But our study reveals the sobering truth that e-tailers are still behind the eight ball when it comes to flagging invalid e-mail addresses at the point of registration.”
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