Study: Small companies can’t track campaign ROI, fail to qualify leads

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Villa Park, Calif.—Nearly 63% of small-business marketers say they can’t track the return on investment of their marketing programs and point to poor feedback from sales regarding the status of leads as a prime culprit, according to a new study by the Sales Lead Management Association.

But marketers admit to not helping the cause; 56% of respondents said they do not qualify their leads before sending them to sales. SLMA observed that a prevailing attitude among marketers is that sales should qualify their own leads.

The study was based on an online survey that polled 140 marketers primarily from small companies—77% of the companies had 24 or fewer employees, and none had more than 250. It concluded that too many of these types of organizations operate within isolated silos, and have not found a way to align the objectives of sales and marketing.

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