Surge in marketing services should continue

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BtoB: How broadly do you define marketing services? Do you define it as only including online marketing services?

Chuck Richard: We're emphatically not doing that. Marketing services isn't just about digital marketing. It's broader. We asked marketers how much they wanted to include cross-media buys as part of marketing services. They want to include print; they want to include digital; they want to include in-person events. A small percentage said they even want to include TV and radio. For b-to-b marketers, only 13% said they wanted to include TV and radio.

BtoB: For b-to-b publishers, it seems that offering these kinds of marketing services is a necessity these days. Do you agree?

Richard: Everyone talks about the media business evolving from some of the old custom business and becoming strategic account- or major account-type work. But if you're going to staff up and do it seriously, to get any kind of significant revenue you have to hire people, typically from agencies, to do the senior-level account management. I don't think every one of the 5,000 or so b-to-b publishers is going to do this. I think it's going to gravitate toward the larger early movers and some of the midsize companies. I just don't see the smaller companies being very active in this. But I think there will be some exceptions to that.

BtoB: Who is doing a good job in the marketing services arena?

Richard: Some folks are trying to track the percentage of their revenue they attribute to marketing services. UBM's TechWeb does that, and they talk about getting 25% of their total revenue from marketing services. Another measure of success is the number of relationships the publisher has with the chief marketing officer of the client. Basically it's the measure of the extent of the senior-level, CMO-level relationships that a publisher has. (Marketing services) is different. You're not just selling pages or media. It's an interesting measure.

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